Private Consultation

Private Consultation with Christopher
  • Need help implementing the starch centered whole-food, plant-based diet and lifestyle? 
  • Have questions about what to eat?  
  • Questions on how to cook?  
  • Questions about exercise? 
  • Confused by conflicting programs and recommendations?

Accelerated STARCH SOLUTION Consultation is Your Solution!

Many people who are already on the path may want a customized solution or just a little help with adjustments to the program to fit their personal situations. You don’t want to read endless books or spend hours of counseling or months of coaching but a single, brief, directed session to help answer their specific questions about the program.  This Accelerated STARCH SOLUTION consultation is a 25 minute phone session with Christopher to help answer a question or two about your program and a follow-up email summarizing our chat.

If you are interested in an “Accelerated STARCH SOLUTION Consultation” to discuss your current diet and lifestyle, schedule a 30-minute appointment with Christopher now.

30-minute session = $75.00   (Includes 25-minute phone call and follow up email)

Contact for Appointment

DISCLAIMER:   Accelerated STARCH SOLUTION consultation service provided by Christopher Carnrick are for information and educational purposes only and are in no way to be used as a substitute for medical care. Individuals should seek the permission and supervision of a physician before starting any weight loss plan, diet or exercise program. All health related information should be used in consultation with your physician and other healthcare providers. Christopher Carnrick disclaim any liability arising directly or indirectly from the use of this web site and/or services.

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