Why Plant Based Diets Win Over
the Standard American Diet

Plant based diets has many advantages over what people view as a ‘normal’ way to eat. The standard American diet is all about burgers, fries, milkshakes and apple pie. Add in the mac-and-cheese, hot dogs and sausage links that most people consume on a routine basis.

So it’s clear where ‘normal’ got us. It got us FAT.

That is why obesity, heart disease and diabetes are running rampant in the U.S. and throughout much of the world today. Even when people try to clean up their diets, they merely switch from one source of animal to another. For instance, they may exchange chicken for hamburger meat.

Chicken is a leaner meat, but it’s still unhealthy when you consume too much or smother it in cheese and mayo. If you really want to eat clean and live healthy to prevent and reverse life-threatening disease, you need to exchange a plant-based diet for the good ol’ American diet that you probably grew up eating. There are quite a few reasons why plant-based diets can keep you alive longer and make sure you enjoy your life more.

More Nutrients, Less Junk

Plant-based diets that emphasize starches provide your body with more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients. Your body needs this nourishment to function properly and provide energy so that you make it through each day successfully. As long as you don’t ruin your plant foods by loading them up with cheese, meat and unhealthy condiments, you will always get more nourishment from a plant-based diet than the traditional American diet.

Natural Calorie Reduction

Plant Based Diets

The caloric content for a bowl of whole grain rice seasoned with fresh herbs and vegetables will always be lower than a bowl of processed boil-in-the-bag refined white rice smothered in cheese sauce and chicken. Strawberry cheesecake and a bowl of fresh strawberries will equally crush your craving for something sweet, but the strawberries contain far fewer calories.

Whole, natural foods consumed without the addition of high-calorie condiments and meats allow you to reduce your calorie consumption without counting every calorie you consume. Eating fewer calories than your body requires to function is the most basic formula for weight loss, and a plant-based diet naturally answers the formula for you.

The standard American diet makes it too complicated because you have to control the calories of those high-caloric foods by eating less. Go with plants, and you will eat more and feel more satisfied while weighing less!

Easy Does It with a New Plant Based Diet

Once you learn how to consume a plant based diet correctly, you will see how simple it actually is to eat healthy. You get to toss out the rules that you’ve learned over the years without guilt because you now know that they don’t work for your body anyway. You get to focus on eating real food with natural flavors rather than wondering where your overly-processed food came from or what the chemicals your food contains will do to your body.

Plant-based foods are real foods found in nature, and they make meal planning and preparation easy. These are foods you can feed your family without worry or guilt. These are foods that you may think you’re already using, but you’ll find that you’re using processed versions that aren’t nearly as healthy or easy to work with as the real thing fresh from nature.

Give Fat a Break

Here’s one more thing to think about: plant-based diets are naturally low in fat. Your body will stop storing excess fat on your hips and thighs when you stop feeding it an overload of fat. Plant foods are also more filling, so you can eat less while feeling more satisfied. Even further, they don’t contain all of those chemicals that make you crave more food when you aren’t even hungry.

When you embrace a plant based diet and become a Starchivore like me, you will love it and never look back.

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