Low Fat Vegan Recipes on the Starchy Diet

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When looking for new low fat vegan recipes, you may worry that you’ll have to give up your favorite foods or that the recipes will taste more like cardboard than delicious meals. 

You can put some of those fears aside right away because the Starchy Diet does allow you to enjoy some  foods that many other diets would forbid you to consume. For instance, you can enjoy white potatoes and many other carbohydrates without guilt because they are good for your body.

I know what it’s like to look through recipes for a new diet and feel that slight panic because I have been there many times before. I have now lost 70 pounds following the Starchy Diet, and I’m glad that I worked through that initial anxiety and explored the many delicious recipes available. I adjusted to this lifestyle, and I’m excited to watch you transform as you do the same.

Focus on Plants FOr YOur Low Fat Vegan Recipes 

Starchy Low Fat Vegan Recipes

All animal products and byproducts are excluded from the Starchy Diet. This includes red meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy products. These foods are loaded with saturated fats which destroy your health and lead to obesity. They are often laced with harmful chemicals, including antibiotics that aren’t natural for the human body.

In exchange for giving up animal products, you will have an enormous variety of plant foods to enjoy. You will even explore some new fruits and vegetables as you begin working with the Starchy Diet recipes. It’s amazing how great these fresh foods taste when you consume them in their natural state without adding oil, fatty sauces and other toppings.

What about Flavor?

You won’t find any oil or rich sauces in the Starchy Diet recipe files, but you will find many herbs and spices. Sugar and salt are used in small doses, so you don’t have to subject your body to artificial sweeteners that your body can’t process properly.

Healthy foods don’t have to be bland and boring. They should never taste like cardboard, and they should never get their flavor from oil and fatty ingredients that harm your heart and increase your chances of becoming diabetic. This diet will teach you to use fresh, natural foods as well as natural spices and herbs to create flavorful meals and snacks that you’ll enjoy more than you ever enjoyed those fatty foods you have chosen to give up.

After trying out just a few of these recipes, you will start to see what food is really supposed to taste like. My taste buds have changed dramatically, and I now realize that those over-processed foods I once enjoyed have nothing on the fresh foods I now enjoy daily. I can’t wait to show you how delicious healthy food can really be when you learn how to prepare them correctly.

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