how long did it take ?

by paul
(closter nj)

Thank you for sharing I just turned 60 and want to lose 40 lbs your story gives me hope was just wondering how long it took you I am very encouraged by your story. thanks for letting me know thanks Paul

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Oct 12, 2016
What kind of workout do you do? NEW
by: Dean

Congraulations on your success! Do you workout,weights,bodyweight exercises,run,and do you regular cardio workouts? Thanks for any information.

Oct 08, 2016
How long did it take,,,
by: Christopher

Hi Paul!

Thank you for your question. First let me say, that this plan is not about a diet but rather a lifestyle change. It is not a temporary fix.

How long does it take is individual and depends on what you eat and how much. My goal, was to not be hungry and to enjoy good food. In the beginning I lost weight more rapidly and then it slowed down. I averaged 2 to 3 pounds a week, again, eating all I wanted. As the weight slowed down, I could see changes based on the amount of nuts, avocados or oil consumed. For this reason, I limit consumption of these! Another factor was alcohol. My weight would stop or I would gain based on alcohol consumption. Currently, I may have a glass of wine per week. There is a reason alcohol screws up weight loss and that is your body uses the alcohol first for fuel so the food you are eating along with it goes to fat. Other factors that will effect your weight loss is how active you are. Going for a walk and moving is important and will change your results. I got an activity tracker and I was shocked to see just how little I was moving!

So how long does it take, depends on you and your goal. If you want a lifetime of results, you need to change your lifestyle. Don't deprive yourself and make this change a habit.

Best of luck and I am here if you need any help!

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