Healthy Eating Lifestyle Classes for You

There’s no better way to inspire a crowd to make healthy eating lifestyle changes than to allow someone who has already accomplished a healthier lifestyle change to share the experience.

Healthy Eating Lifestyle Classes with Christopher

I’m always excited when I receive invitations to speak at events because I want to help others improve their lives. My presentations are always lively and entertaining, but they’re also educational and motivating. I share my experience as well as the facts of a starch-based diet, and I am always blown away by the changes other people make as a result of those talks.

Let Me Inspire Your Crowd to a Healthy Eating Lifestyle

When you invite me to an upcoming event or create an event just for the purpose of hearing me speak, you get the value of my in-depth knowledge about weight loss and health as well as a heaping dose of motivation to continue your journey toward a healthy lifestyle. There are many different reasons you may want to invite me into the fold for an upcoming event:

  • You want to inspire your clients to take their health seriously and challenge themselves to start eliminating the junk from their diets.
  • You want to attract new clients to your business by offering an inspiring speaker that shows real people can achieve amazing results. This applies to personal trainers, wellness coaches and any other service provider in the health and wellness field.
  • You want to educate your students about healthy eating so that they can make better choices for their bodies. I can tailor my message to any age group.
  • You want to introduce a new approach to health and wellness. A plant-based diet is often considered alternative or outside of the norm, but I can introduce the many reasons why it is ideal for your health and well-being.

Whether you’re scheduling a large event with thousands of guests or a small meeting with just a few people in need of inspiration, I am prepared to help you make the event a success. Not only do I have the facts needed to educate others to the value of a starch-based plant diet, but I have many secrets gained through my own hard work and dedication. I’ve inspired myself along the way, and now I’m ready to inspire the people you care about most.

Real People Making Real Changes

Healthy People

I’m not a huge celebrity. No one paid me to make healthier lifestyle choices or lose weight. What makes my Starch Diet classes so valuable to real people interested in doing big things with their lives is that I have been where you are. I am an ordinary person, but what I have achieved in terms of my health is nothing short of amazing. I am living proof that you don’t need a miracle to lose weight, improve your health and feel better about yourself. You just need to start loving starches again.

Remember: It’s not you…it is the food…and I want to teach you why that matters!

Up Coming Events:

None currently schedule.  Check back for updates.

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