How Foods High in Starch Will Make You Thin

Making Foods High in Starch

Before we start discussing why foods high in starch can make you thin, let’s clear up one thing: all carbohydrates are not equal. If you want to get the maximum benefit from a plant-based diet, you need to consume mostly natural foods that haven’t been extensively processed. These are foods that retain their natural nutrients while processed versions are stripped of their nutritional value at least partially.

For instance, refined white rice isn’t as healthy as whole grain rice. Refined rice is made by removing the outer portion of the rice grain, and you can guess where most of nutritional content is located. To get the benefits listed below, you need to select the healthiest, most natural version of your high-starch foods.

Fill Up without the Calories With Foods High in Starch

Your body naturally stores fat when you consume more calories than your body can burn over the course of a day, week or month. Starchy carbohydrates are naturally lower in calories than most meats and dairy products, and they are heavier in your stomach. 

I am not starving and neither should you.

You will naturally eat less starchy food without feeling deprived or going hungry. This means you naturally take in fewer calories without feeling deprived or focusing on restricting your food consumption.

If you really love food and tend to eat large meals, you can consume larger quantities of healthy plant foods without packing in nearly as many calories. For instance, a large salad loaded with fresh vegetables and perhaps some chickpeas with a light vinegar-based dressing will contain far fewer calories than a double cheeseburger with a side of fries. The salad will also fill you up quickly while the lack of nutrients in the cheeseburger will leave your body craving more food.

Nutrients = Energy

Lots of Energy

The more you move, the easier it is to maintain a healthy body weight. You need energy to move more, and plant-based, starchy foods are loaded with nutrients that produce energy. Carbohydrates are what sustain your energy levels over long periods of time, so you lose energy when you cut them out or reduce them severely. Fill up on wholesome plant foods to feel more energetic, move more, and lose weight as a result.

No Hunger Allowed

Starchy carbohydrates are broken down slowly after consumption, so they stay in your stomach longer. They are also loaded with natural fiber which is heavy in your stomach. This allows you to feel full for a longer period of time, cutting down on hunger and that sense of deprivation that often makes you give up on diets in frustration. Some chemicals in processed foods can actually make you feel hungry even when your stomach is full, but that won’t happen with natural starchy foods.

Regulate Blood Sugar Naturally

Studies are showing that carbohydrates can naturally regulate blood sugar, helping to control the risk of diabetes naturally. If you always assumed that diabetes have to stay away from carbs, it’s time to learn that the right carbs consumed in the right way can actually help with diabetes and many other medical conditions.

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