Eating in Spain

by Emily

Hi, I'm a high starch follower of McDougall and my husband and I are going to be living in Nerja Spain for two months and most likely eating out. Any places/foods you suggest to stay on plan? Do you drink the wine? Feeling nervous about this because my last trip to Spain was tough to find the right things at restaurants and I fell off plan :(. Thanks!!!

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Sep 14, 2016
Dining in Spain
by: Christopher

Hi there!

We are right outside of Nerja! You are going to have a fantastic time!

To get around, we suggest the app Happy Cow. There is a fantastic place listed there that is located in Nerja called La Joya. Their vegan burgers are really wonderful. They take time because they are made to order! If you go into Malaga, there is an amazing place called El Piano but no oil is difficult. Again, Happy Cow will help.

In general, with Spanish restaurants, just ask the waiter and they will prepare it for you. Now, at first they may seem bothered, this is because they want you to have a great meal but they are not used to people eating like we do. Be sure to ask for no dairy "sin lacteos" "no queso". Ask for verduras a la plancha sin aceite (grilled vegetables no oil). It is possible to get paella, white garlic soup, even pizza without cheese. When you say no meat be sure to add "no fish" for many fish and eggs are not considered "meat".

Of course, preparing your food is the best. The area where you will be is loaded with farm fresh produce. You can buy brown rice, vegetables, tofu etc. Look for the store Mercadona. It is a large store and has more variety.

Wine,,,,, yes on occasion I have a glass. No more than 2 a week. Really good wine is really cheap here. Most Spanish people only have wine on occasion. The tourists are the ones you will see in the bars drinking bottles and bottles of wine. Public drunkenness is considered bad AND if you are a foreign female, it is considered worse. Not fair, I agree, but when in Spain,,,,

Have a great time and I am here as a resource if you need anything. You will have a wonderful time in Andalucia Costa del Sol!

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