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Meet Christopher Carnrick.  He is the Certified Starch Solution Counselor/Trainer behind the information and encouragement on ImAStarchivore.com.

WhO Am I?

Meet Christopher

My name is Christopher Carnrick. I am a Certified Starch Solution Counselor/Trainer. I was the owner of two restaurants in Seattle, Washington “Mame’s Caberet” and “Speedy Gonzales”. Founder of Casa Cebadillas, in Torrox Pueblo Spain which provided themed dinner parties as well as a Culinary School.  Author of the book “Kitchen Disasters, Solutions and Substitutions” and co-author of “Dinner for Six at 8:00” and regular TV personality on a variety of cooking shows on CBS, NBC and FOX networks.

I love food and creating a festive atmosphere for friends and guests. I was one of those Chef’s people said, “You can tell he knows good food look at his belly”.

Today, at 60 years old, I am a former fatty, F2 and currently a Starchivore! I lost 80 pounds, stopped taking medications and became healthy eating all the way!  Including while changing my environment to Spain, with all the wine and food! I wanted to share this adventure with you in the hopes that you too can find the success I did. You see, it isn’t your fault, it is the food.

So how I did I become a Starchivore and why?  Read on!  Share my Journey!

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